Freshman Scholarships

These scholarships are for students entering as freshmen only.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Mother Borgia Egan Scholarships
Mercyhurst University awards merit-based scholarships based on the following criteria: high school GPA; SAT or ACT scores; high school class ranks; and academic preparation.  Awards range from $8,000 to $20,000 and will be awarded at the time of admission. 

Performance-Based Scholarships

Performance-based scholarships are awarded by the individual coach (if a student-athlete) or faculty within the academic department (if interested in the arts).

Sister Angelica High School Art Scholarship

1st Place: $10,500
2nd Place: $8,000
3rd Place: $6,000

  • Competition is based on 8-10 images of the student’s high school artwork. Images may be submitted in form of slides or digital images on CD.
  • Students must be Offered Admission to Mercyhurst and major in Art Therapy, Art Education, Graphic Design, or Studio Art.

Dance/Music Scholarships

$750 and up/year

  • Students must apply for admission and audition to the programs; dance – ballet-focused; music – vocal or instrumental.

Athletic Scholarships

  • Student-athlete must meet NCAA eligibility requirements
  • Awards determined by coaches


General and Region-Based Scholarships

General and Region-based scholarships include a number of scholarships based on a variety of factors as outlined below. Please review all of the specific criteria. These awards will be offered during the financial aid process.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award Scholarship (RYLA)


  • Attend and complete the Western PA RYLA Conference
  • Submit a copy of your completion certificate to the Office of Admissions
  • Apply to Mercyhurst by March 1st
  • Have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of admission

NOTE: RYLA Scholarship will replace any previously-awarded merit-based scholarship.

Bishop Watson Scholarship


  • Students enrolling from a Mercy or Catholic high school

Sisters of Mercy Heritage Award


  • Students enrolling from a Mercy-sponsored, co-sponsored, or affiliated high school

Alumni Legacy Scholarship


  • Students are a dependent of a Mercyhurst alumnus