Dance Major Syllabi

This program is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a rigorous degree program of combined general and dance studies.  Emphasis is placed on the development of transferable skills that will support transitions inside or outside the dance field. 

 Major Requirements

Ballet Technique (24 credits)  Dance Conditioning (1 credit) 
 Modern I (2 credits)  Modern II (2 credits)
 Modern III (2 credits)  Modern IV (2 credits)
 Jazz I (2 credits)  Jazz II (2 credits)
 Production Practicum (1 credit)  Company Ensemble (3 credits)
 Dance History (3 credits)  Kinesiology (3 credits)
 Choreography I (3 credits)  Pedagogy (3 credits)
 Dance Essentials (1 credit)  Senior Pro-Seminar Project
 Senior Seminar Program Course (3 credits)  Music for Dancers
Company Ensemble (1credit)



Elective Requirements  



Pointe and Variations (1 credit)   Men's Technique and Variations (1 credit)
 Pas De Deux (1 credit)  Tap 1 (1 credit)
 Musical Theatre Dance (1 credit)  Intro. to Labanotation (3 credits)
 Choreography II (3 credits)  Choreography III (3 credits)
 Internship/Co-op (3 credits)  Company Ensemble ( 0 credits)
 Abroad Experience  *In assoc. with core major requirements