Dance Bachelor of Arts

Future leaders of dance are sculpted through rigorous study of classical ballet, supported by modern dance, jazz, and tap.  The philosophical foundation for which the program is based weighs significantly on planning for the long-term future and success of each individual dancer by providing and encouraging a well-rounded education.  Dance technique courses are balanced by the student’s liberal arts education; students develop professionally through their dance studies syllabi, as well as through verbal articulation, critical thinking, writing, and through the study of additional courses outside of the dance discipline. 

Before students of the dance program graduate, they will have had main stage performance opportunities, including two faculty concerts; a student choreography concert; and performances with residence companies: Mercyhurst Ballet Theatre and SoMar Dance Works  (by audition only) and the Mercyhurst Dancers.  Students are regularly introduced to renowned guest teachers and choreographers, and are encouraged to participate in theater and opera where dance opportunities are available.  Additionally, students who possess the talents for teaching/choreography may pursue those goals through teaching internships (MCDE) under the direction of our astute and professionally seasoned faculty.  To extend their academic and dance achievements, the program also boasts a collection of student run organizations including Dance Club, Liturgical Dance Ensemble, and Nu Delta Alpha. 

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