Spanish Education

The Spanish education major at Mercyhurst University prepares students for Pennsylvania K-12 certification in Spanish. Mercyhurst students will enroll in the required sequence of Spanish language courses, as well as complete required coursework from the Department of Education. Students will also be required to enroll in a student teaching experience. Students must maintain a 3.0 and pass the state education examinations to receive certification.

Program Entrance

Entrance into the Spanish education major at Mercyhurst is determined by the successful completion of Spanish 202: Intermediate Spanish sequence or by the demonstration of equivalent skills on the CLEP, A.P., International Baccalaureate examinations.

Sophomore Review

As stated above, Mercyhurst students must also successfully pass the Sophomore Review process before formal admittance into the Spanish education major is granted. In order to receive your degree and certification in Spanish education, Mercyhurst students must meet all of the requirements outlined by the Department of Education's section of the university's catalog. Please refer to all standards, policies and admission/retention criteria as specified for all education majors seeking a degree from Mercyhurst University and certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


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