World Languages and Cultures


Unlimited opportunities are available for students who study languages. Just think, professionals who are bilingual or multilingual are more marketable in today’s global market. Being fluent in more than one language opens up doors to more potential employers in more industries. Ever dreamed of working overseas or landing a job that sends you around the world?

A degree in language studies from Mercyhurst University will help you develop valuable linguistic and cross-cultural skills, as well as a well-rounded education in liberal arts. Mercyhurst's world languages and cultures programs, which offer the greatest variety of languages within the region, are easily paired with another major — political science, intelligence studies, psychology, dance and many other majors — to create the perfect multidisciplinary undergraduate education just for you. You’ll have several opportunities to experience a fulfilling education through Mercyhurst's dynamic language program, including access to the Fulbright Teaching Assistant Program, study abroad, service learning, senior oral proficiency tests, conversation groups and student-organized clubs.

Mercyhurst students receive exciting opportunities after graduation, such as participating in the JET program (teaching English in Japan and the North American Teaching Assistant program in Spain). Besides teaching a language, Mercyhurst students who pursue a degree in a world languages and cultures program have many career options, including, but not limited to, work in human service fields, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, as well as work in public policy, social work and
foreign policy. 

With a 14-1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 20 students, you’re never just a number at Mercyhurst. In fact, many upper level courses average 10 or fewer students. Mercyhurst keeps its classes small so you can get individualized attention from professors to ensure your success in class and beyond.