Frequently Asked Questions

Is your curriculum CAATE accredited?

Yes, we received reaccreditation in April of 2010, and will be accredited through 2019/2020.

Do you allow student-athletes to enroll in the Athletic Training curriculum?

Yes, we allow students to compete in varsity athletics; however, you are only able to compete during your primary season. Due to the intensive time demands of both athletics and clinical assignments, students are not permitted to participate in more than 1 sport. This includes off season games and practices, such as fall ball, and spring ball. Coaches are well aware of this stipulation when recruiting students interested in athletic training.

Are students eligible to sit for the BOC exam?

Yes, the majority of our seniors take the exam in April of their senior year. We hold study sessions and create mock scenarios for the students in preparation for the exam.

What is the passing rate percentage for first time exam results?

In 2010 and 2011, the first time passing rate for our senior class was 100%.
The five year advantage is 87.5%

Are students able to declare a minor or dual major in sportsmedicine?

Yes, this is very common and we encourage students to take advantage of all the department offers. Athletic training majors can declare a minor in sportsmedicine with concentrations in either pre-physical therapy or health and fitness promotion. Students declaring a minor usually are still able to complete the program in four years, however additional course work, and at times overloaded trimesters may be required. Athletic Training majors wishing to apply to medical school may also declare a dual major in sportsmedicine with a concentration in pre-medicine. These students typically require an extra year to complete the program, or need to take additional courses over the summer.

Can I become a physical education teacher and complete the athletic training curriculum?

Mercyhurst College does not offer a teaching degree in physical education. We do offer our students the opportunity to complete their athletic training degree in four years with an additional fifth year to finish an education degree. You are able to complete an education degree in any area that Mercyhurst College offers, but the most common choice is biology. You will have an adviser for the athletic training requirements and another from the education department to ensure proper class sequencing.

How much exposure to the team physicians will I have, and do you have an affiliation with a hospital?

You will have a great amount of exposure to our team physicians. Currently we have three M.D.s, including one orthopaedic surgeon, and one DO. Students are required to observe physician clinics on campus, while emergency room observations are completed in the freshman year. There is also a minimum of two surgical observations. Dr. Greg Coppola also teaches the medical education lab, offered during the sophomore year.

When will I be officially accepted into the athletic training education program?

Official acceptance into the athletic training education program occurs in early June prior to the sophomore year. In May of the freshman year, eligible students undergo a review board process consisting of a formal application, a formal interview, and maintaining a GPA of 2.65. Following this process, students are notified of their status via a letter from the program director.

What should I expect in my freshman year?

We believe that freshman students need a period of time to determine if athletic training is the right profession for them. During the freshman year students are required to obtain 100 hours of directed observation in the athletic training room at Mercyhurst, shadowing upperclassmen, and at off-campus affiliated settings. Also, freshman students take 11 credits of athletic training specific courses. This means you will be taught hands-on skills pertinent to the athletic training profession and be in the athletic training room learning right away right away!