Athletic Training Research

Prior to graduation each athletic training student is required to complete a baccalaureate research project. Students must complete a formal manuscript by May 1 of their senior year, and present their research at the annual Mercyhurst University Research Symposia. In addition, students are encouraged to submit their research to various local, state and national meetings and clinical symposia.

Athletic Training Research

Current Projects

  • “The Effects of Russian Stimulation on Postural Stability in the Knee Joint Following ACL Reconstruction”
  • “A Comparison of Kinematics Between Shod and Barefoot Running”
  • “The Effects of Submaximal Exercise on Cognitive Function”
  • “Postural Stability and Shot Velocity in Elite Hockey Athletes”
  • “The Analysis of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation And Static Stretching and its Effects on Sprint Speed”
  • “The Immediate Effect of Cryotherapy at the Ankle Joint on Postural Control”
  • “The Effects of Cold Water Body Immersion on Muscle Recovery After Repeated Cycling Performances”
  • “The Effect of Cryotherapy on Accuracy and Strength in the Shoulder”
  • “He Effects of Cryotherapy on Balance and Proprioception in the Lower Extremity”
  • “Yoga Poses and Foam Roller Exercises Increase Core Strength and Postural Stability in Active Individuals”
  • “The Effects of Mental Imagery on Core Stability”
  • “The Effects of Static, Dynamic, and PNF Stretching Protocols on Maximal Concentric Strength of the Knee Flexors and Extensors”
  • Lyudmila Belousov "The Effects of Scheduled vs. Non-Scheduled Environment on Postural Control" presented at the PATS student symposium in March 2012