You can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine with the option of four concentrations: pre-physical therapy, pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant and pre-occupational therapy. These concentrations provide a foundation for students to pursue entrance into a doctoral physical therapy program and pre-medicine, for students aspiring to go on to medical school, pre-physician assistant for students wishing for entrance into a master's degree physician assistant program and pre-occupational therapy for students seeking acceptance into a master's degree occupational therapy program.

The Sports Medicine degree program requires students to declare one of these concentrations, or take a dual concentration. Each concentration involves clinical experience related to that specific profession, giving students hands-on training opportunities.

The Sports Medicine department also offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Athletic Training and also a Bachelor of Science degree program in Exercise Science. Both of these major degree programs provide employment opportunities within their specific professional environments by providing the student with the required educational didactic and clinical proficiencies which qualifies the student to sit for their specific professional certification exams.

The numerous Sports Medicine department degree program offerings creates options for the student to customize their professional and pre-professional education by allowing the student to declare a dual major or minor. This creates many post-baccalaureate and employment opportunities with various career pathways in the health and allied health disciplines.

Please refer to the Athletic Training major page and the Exercise-Science-Major for specific curriculum details.


Sports Medicine major

           Pre-medicine concentration

           Pre-occupational therapy concentration

           Pre-physical therapy concentration

           Pre-physician assistant concentration

Athletic Training Major

Exercise Science Major

Exercise Science Master's

Pre-physical Therapy Minor


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