Mission & Goals

Social Work Program Mission Statement


The Social Work Program is dedicated to preparing competent generalist social work practitioners who are well-grounded in the values and ethics of the social work profession. The program is driven by the college mission that calls for students to be “socially merciful…globally responsible ….compassionately hospitable….intellectually creative…reflectively aware…ambassadors of service”.  Coupled with critical thinking, values and ethics, the program seeks to provide the knowledge base, and competencies required for students to practice in a diverse society.  The program strives to lay a foundation that enables students to assist individuals, families, groups and communities in their pursuit of well-being.  The faculty is committed to teaching students about the role we must play in working toward creating a more just society that embraces human diversity and provides for the basic needs of all. Finally, just as we educate our students about embracing human diversity the program demonstrates our commitment to creating a learning environment the models affirmation and respect for diversity in all aspects of working with students from admission to advising to student participation in governance.

Program Goals

The goals of the Social Work Program encompass the program’s and the college’s philosophy and mission. The program’s primary goals are to:

  1.  Provide for the professional preparation of generalist social workers that is grounded in an interdisciplinary, liberal arts education;
  2. Insure that students adopt, and at all times be guided by, the mission of the profession and its underlying values and code of ethics;
  3. Prepare students for practice with diverse populations in both the public and private realms, and in urban and rural settings;
  4. Provide the core of “knowledge, insight, skill and vision” needed to combat social problems and injustice and enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, groups and communities;
  5. Guide the students toward competent social work practice, enabling them to recognize the dignity and worth of all people, to value  human relationships, and to work towards social justice
  6. Provide opportunities to utilize critical thinking processes in order to develop creative problem-solving strategies
  7. Insure that students are engaged with social policy, advocacy and the social-change process  in order to advance social and economic well-being
  8. Prepare graduates with an awareness of the need for ongoing professional growth and development through continuing education and ongoing evidenced-based research practice
  9. Prepare students who demonstrate the aptitude for admission to graduate schools of social work or related professional schools;

We imbue our students with a responsibility of recognizing their roles in society and how, as entry-level social workers, they can affect planned change through the integration and appreciation of professional knowledge, values and skills.



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