Research and Projects

Dr. Daniel McFee

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Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder

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Dr. Thomas Forsthoefel

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  • Praying with the Poets: Poetry of the Sacred in the World’s Religions.  In progress; under review. Book.
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Dr. Robert von Thaden Jr.

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  • "Glorify God in Your Body: The Redemptive Role of the Body in Early Christian Ascetic Literature." Cistercian Studies Quarterly 38 (2003): 191-209.

Dr. Verna Ehret

  • “Utopia and Narrative: Theology Between the Boundaries of Overhumanization and Hypertheism” in Futures and Illusions, Wipf and Stock, forthcoming.
  • “Narratives of Love and Ciphers of Transcendence: Advancing the Integrity of Life” in Erotic Faith: Theological Reflections on Farleyan Eros, Sopher Press, forthcoming.
  • “Globalization, Redemption, and the Dialectics of Courage” in Sophia, October 2013.
  • “Hope and Fear: The Theological Side of Framing Environmental Change” with Forrest Clingerman in Ethics, Policy & Environmental Change, 16:2, 1-4, Summer 2013.
  • “The Demonization and Recovery of Religion: Villains and the Transformation of Narrative” in Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, Summer 2013.
  • “Stemming the Tide of Idolatrous Cultural Rhetoric” in NAPTS Bulletin, Summer 2013.
  • “Uncanny Courage and Theological Home” in Resisting the Place of Belonging: Uncanny Homecomings in Religion, Narrative and the Arts, Ashgate Press, 2013.
  • “Doubt, Courage, and the Transformation of Redemption within Globalization: Combating Entrenchment” in NAPTS Bulletin, Spring 2012.

Dr. Richard McCarty

  • The End of Sexual Virtue: An Approach to Christian Sexual Ethics. SUNY Press, forthcoming. Book.
  • “At the Intersection of Catholic & Mercy: There’s an Elephant in the Room,” with Mary Hembrow Snyder and Alice Edwards, Journal of Catholic Higher Education, forthcoming.
  • “Objects of the Inquisition: The Trials of Religion Scholars Who Engage in Sexuality Studies within Catholic Institutions,” Academe , forthcoming.
  • “Facilitating Dialogue on Religion and Sexuality using a Descriptive Approach” Co-Editors: Sherry Watt, Ellen Fairchild, and Kathy Goodman. New Directions Journal: Intersections of Religious Privilege: Difficult Dialogues and Student Affairs Practice,  Number 125 (Spring 2009). Pg. 39-46.

Mr. Caesar Montevecchio


Cummings Gallery
Art Faculty Show

Dates: Aug 21-Sep 28, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

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Anais Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Dates: Sep 30

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