Major Requirements: 10 Courses in Religious Studies

2 Courses in each area, 3 electives, RLST 480 Seminar in Religious Studies

Minor Requirements: 6 Courses in Religious Studies

1 Course in each area, 3 electives, RLST 480 (Recommended as one elective).

Mercyhurst University understands the academic study of religion as an important discipline within the overall humanities curriculum.  Religious experience and inquiry are taken seriously in the Mercy educational tradition as integral to the human quest for meaning and value.  The Religious Studies Department respects the religious freedom of its students who are encouraged to think creatively and critically about religious and theological questions.  Mercyhurst affirms its Roman Catholic heritage and identity while also honoring and studying other religious traditions.  Although emphasis is given to Catholic thought and praxis, the spirit of ecumenical and interfaith openness is a characteristic of the Department and of the University itself. Central to studies of all religious traditions are critical inquiries into justice, peace, human freedom, and community.

Biblical Historical

Comparative Cultural


RLST 110:  Understanding Scripture

RLST 205:  Western Christian Heritage

RLST 210:  New Testament and Christian Origins

RLST 245:  Christian Spiritual Traditions

RLST 270:  Women and Scripture

RLST 280:  Prophetic Traditions

RLST 290:  Wisdom Literature

RLST 320:  American Religious Thought

RLST 390:  Apocalyptic Literature: Apocalypse to Zombie

CST 200    Exploring Catholicism

CST 250    Theology of the Church

RLST 100:  Introduction to Religious Studies

RLST 250:  Eastern Philosophy

RLST 285:  World Religions

RLST 325:  Religion, Enculturation and              Pluralism in America

RLST 330:  Hinduism

RLST 360:  Buddhism

RLST 370:  Islam

RLST 385:  Poetry of the Sacred

RLST 420:  Mysticism

RLST 255:  Religious Perspectives on Human Relationships

RLST 260:  Catholic Symbols and Sacraments

RLST 275:  Liberation, Religion, and Society

RLST 300:  Science and Religion

RLST 310:  Religion, Modernity, and Post Modernity

RLST 345:  Philosophy of Religion

RLST 375:  Religion and the Environment

RLST 380:  Christology

RLST 405:  Social Ethics

RLST 440:  Peace and Justice

Courses in italics also fulfill core curriculum requirements for specific core categories as well as for a second religious studies core course.

Catholic Studies Program Minor:

  • This program is separate from the Religious Studies department. It is run through the Center for Mercy and Catholic Studies. However, some classes overlap between the two programs, and students taking a major in Religious Studies may opt for adding a minor in Catholic Studies.