Religious Studies


Religious experience and inquiry are taken seriously at Mercyhurst — they are integral to the human quest for meaning and value in life. It is the respect we have for the religious freedom of our students that allows them to think critically and creatively about theological questions. While Mercyhurst's roots are founded in Catholicism, we also welcome and affirm a spirit of universal Christian and interfaith openness. In keeping with the Mercy tradition, the Department of Religious Studies is committed to fostering awareness of regional, national and global issues of justice that emerge within religious contexts and society.

As a major, you'll have several opportunities that engage you in research and hands-on learning. In fact, many of the students who enter into the religious studies program are among the brightest and most academically talented in their class. Religious studies majors often choose to double major in another discipline, which allows them to cultivate a rich, well-rounded education that opens doors to several career options upon graduation.