Worker Shortage

Public Health
A bad economy does not mean the job market is bleak for everyone. A large number of public health workers are retiring in the next 5-10 years and a series of public reports suggests that we don’t have enough trained public health workers in the US to fill their shoes. A recent article in the LA Times projected that the US will have a dramatic shortage of 250,000 workers by 2020 unless more people are trained in public health

Combined with the unique focus and pedagogic approach of the Mercyhurst Public Health Program, successful graduates will be given the education and experience they need to help fill this employment gap and take advantage of the numerous areas where opportunities are available in this field.

Our aging population, as well as mounting environmental and bioterrorism concerns, has the public health sector growing rapidly despite the sluggish economy. Students could also find themselves in a wide variety of positions including: environmental sanitation, international health, public health practice, hospital infection control, biostatistics, epidemiology, health services administration and health education.