Growth Areas

world health

The Mercyhurst Public Health Institute will explore a wide range of topics in public health. Three growth areas in public health that the Institute will initially explore include: global health, public health informatics and public health emergency preparedness.

Global Health

Global health is concerned with health of populations globally and problems that are transnational in nature or that can have global political and economic consequences. Examples of research topics in global health include:

  • Clean water and food safety
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Global warming

Public Health Informatics

Public health informatics is the application and use of technology to solve public health problems. Examples of research topics in public health informatics include:

  • Public health information systems
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Human computer interface

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Public health emergency preparedness deals with all aspects of preparedness for any type of public health emergency such as: natural disasters, bioterrorism, chemical or radiological emergencies and novel infectious disease outbreaks. Examples of research topics in public health and emergency preparedness include:

  • Bioterrorism and manmade disasters
  • Exercises and preparedness
  • Public health/law enforcement interface