Pi Sigma Alpha

A Great Opportunity for Political Science Majors

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At Mercyhurst University, students are encouraged to be active members of a learning community. One way that students of political science participate in this community is by joining Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society.

Pi Sigma Alpha is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and has nearly 700 chapters at colleges and universities across the nation. The honor society seeks to promote excellence in the study of political science through a wide range of programs including chapter activity grants, scholarships for graduate study, Washington internship scholarships, and awards for best chapters and senior theses. In recent years, the Mercyhurst University chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha has been awarded activity grants and one of its students was awarded a $5,000 scholarship for graduate study.

In addition to the many professional benefits provided to members of Pi Sigma Alpha, the Mercyhurst chapter helps its members organize any number of campus events. For example, In presidential election years Pi Sigma Alpha students organize a "presidential debate," where students represent different candidates in a formal debate. Pi Sigma Alpha organizes the department's annual holiday party, the end of the year celebration and the Ad Hoc dinners. Although not all students meet the requirements for membership in the honor society, every political science student benefits from its activities. With the exception of the Induction Ceremony, all political science majors and minors are invited to attend the society's events.


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