Ad Hocs

Good Food, Good Discussions

For many years political science students and faculty at Mercyhurst College have gathered at a downtown restaurant to discuss current issues in American politics and international affairs. These meetings have come to be known as Ad Hocs, and they are held at least three times per academic year.

The typical Ad Hoc begins when students identify a current event or hot button issue that they wish to discuss. Usually a member of the Mercyhurst faculty with an expertise related to the topic is invited to facilitate the discussion; however, students often choose to invite experts from outside of the college community. During dinner students and faculty respond to the expert’s analysis of the issue and then share their own.

Over the years the Ad Hoc topics have varied widely. In recent years students and faculty have discussed the politics of Bolivia, presidential elections, career opportunities for political science majors, various aspects of the Constitution, just war theory, and a host of other issues. Regardless of the topic being discussed, Ad Hocs are always enjoyable. In addition to great conversation, the evening provides students and faculty with an opportunity to share a meal and get to know one another.


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