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Life After Graduation

  • Graduates of the political science program have been admitted to nearly 50 different graduate programs in political science, public policy of public administration. See a list of graduate schools Mercyhurst Students have attended in recent years.
  • In recent years, some of our pre-law graduates have attended law school at the University of Michigan, Penn State University and West Virginia University. See a complete list of law schools our students have attended within the last decade.
  • Some of our graduates who decided to enter the workforce upon graduation have landed jobs working for the following:
              - U.S. Senators
              - Defense contractors
              - Local and state governments
              - The Environmental Protection Agency
              - The Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives
              - Non-profit organizations
              - For-profit organizations
              - The National Security Apparatus

Experience as a Student

  • Mercyhurst University is the only institution in the region that offers a polling center, which invites students to gain invaluable experience as interns or work study employees. Learn more about the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics.
  • Two organizations within the department are:
              - Pi Sigma Alpha: a national political science honor society.
              - Model International Organizations Team: Introduces students international diplomacy.

  • Students might also become involved in activities such as:

          - An annual trip to Washington, D.C., where students' explore the nation's capital.
          - Ad Hocs: A bi-monthly casual, but engaging discussion between faculty and students.
          - AAPC Conference: An opportunity to meet campaign professionals.
          - Annual end of the year picnic at Presque Isle State Park for students.

  • In terms of internships, students have worked for non-profits, such as: the Lake Erie Region Conservancy the Pennsylvania College Democrats.

  • The Democratic and Republican party organizations on campus hold debates during election years, and participate in voter registration drives.

About Our Faculty

  • The Department of Political Science employs seven full-time faculty who have all earned their doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.
  • The Political Science department is the proud home of three of Mercyhurst University’s Teaching Excellence Award winners:

          - Dr. Michael Federici in 2004
          - Dr. Randy Clemons in 2007
          - Dr. Brian Ripley in 2013


Civil War photo exhibit
Photographs of the American Civil War

Dates: Jun 12-Aug 1, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

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