Political Science Minor

A student must achieve a 2.5 grade point average in eight political science courses (including American Government) to be certified to graduate with a political science minor. Each spring the academic progress of all majors is reviewed. Faculty members in the Political Science Department work closely with students to help set high academic standards and to assist them in achieving their goals.

Sample Curricula: Students choose courses in consultation with their faculty advisor that reflect their particular interests. Some students choose to sample the major subfields of the discipline, while other students concentrate their studies in international relations, law and political theory, American politics, or environmental politics. Sample minors and a possible curriculum are provided below.

Topics of Study for Minors:

Non-Thematic Minor: American Government, Politics of Russia, Leadership, Political Theory, Geopolitics, Civil Liberties, Comparative Politics: Asia, American Political Thought, and Politics of the Global Economy.

International Relations: American Government, Comparative Politics: Europe, American Foreign Policy, International Relations, Geopolitics, Politics of the Global Economy, World Politics, Intelligence and National Security.

Law and Political Theory: American Government, Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Environmental Law, Legal Research and Writing, Political Theory, American Political Thought, American Legal Process.

American Politics: American Government, American Presidency, American Congress, Political Parties and Interest Groups, State and Local Politics, Public Administration, Seminar: Debating Democracy.

Environmental Politics: American Government, Environmental Politics, Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Law, Environmental History of the US, Contemporary Environmental Issues, Religion and the Environment, Politics of the Global Economy.


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