Philosophy, the search for wisdom, is perfect for anyone who loves the life of the mind as much as professional excellence. As a philosophy major, you’ll develop knowledge across multiple disciplines. The major branches of philosophy are logic, epistemology (study of knowledge), metaphysics (study of the nature of reality), ethics (study of morality), aesthetics (study of art), philosophy of religion and political philosophy.

Philosophy is more than a career. It deepens your knowledge across multiple disciplines to that assure your success across the span of your personal, professional and civic lives.

Philosophy makes a great second major or a minor to complement your studies in other areas. English, pre-law, intelligence studies, political science and religious studies students at Mercyhurst have all benefitted from a double major in philosophy. Our department will help you graduate with strong critical thinking, persuasive argumentation and problem-solving skills.

Seniors can do original research, go to conferences, publish, intern with a private or public organization or intern with Mercyhurst’s own Evelyn Lincoln Institute for Ethics and Society. The institute is where leaders and learners gather to engage in an exchange of ideas pertaining to ethical inquiry that moves toward a just and participatory society. The university also brings in award-winning speakers through the Charlene M. Tanner Speaker Series, devoted to promoting social justice, peace and the environment.