Mathematics and Computer Systems

Computer Systems Major

The Computer Systems Major is offered to provide interested students with a solid background in programming, networks, database management, hardware, and operating systems. The major prepares students for further study in these areas and for employment in computing. The Computer Systems major combines well with any other discipline, and we encourage students in other areas to pursue it as a secondary major.

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This course is an introduction to the uses of statistics and probability as decision and problem solving tools. Topics included are: measures of central tendency; variability; probability; counting, binomial distribution; normal distribution; confidence intervals correlation and regression; hypothesis testing, statistical inference, sampling techniques and experimental design. Satisfies the mathematics common core or distribution core requirement. Prerequisite: One year of college preparatory mathematics that includes Algebra or Math 102 Elementary Algebra. 3 credits.

This course focuses on the use of spreadsheets and databases to manage information. Topics studied include systems analysis, basic database design, and applications development using Microsoft Excel and Access. Prequisite: MIS 101. 3 credits.

This course introduces the basics of computer architecture and how the software enables it to function. Students will gain knowledge and skill in installing and configuring computer hardware components including drives, motherboards, memory, network/communications interfaces, printers and other peripherals. Students will install and evaluate software. Students will use software utilities to do diagnostics, perform backups, and utilities for security and virus detection. Prequisite: MIS 110. 3 credits.

This is a study of the theory and utilization of computer networks. Topics include network hardware components, network standards from ISO-OSI and IEEE, networking protocols: channel access methods, Ethernet, and TCP/IP, Internet tools, peer to peer networking, network management, network routing and virtual circuits. Network software utilized in the course will include latest Microsoft server/client software and Linux. Prequisites: MIS 110, MIS 140. 3 credits.

Computer Systems majors must also complete two additional department approved electives, for a total of eleven courses.


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