Mathematics and Computer Systems

Computer Systems Minor

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An introduction to computer programming, with an emphasis on the development of good programming habits and skills utilizing a modern object- oriented language. Topics will include programming basics such as loops, decisions, structures, functions, arrays, objects, classes, inheritance. Satisfies the distribution core requirement in mathematics. Prequisite: MATH 111. 4 credits.

This course introduces the basics of computer architecture and how the software enables it to function. Students will gain knowledge and skill in installing and configuring computer hardware components including drives, motherboards, memory, network/communications interfaces, printers and other peripherals. Students will install and evaluate software. Students will use software utilities to do diagnostics, perform backups, and utilities for security and virus detection. Prequisite: MIS 110. 3 credits.

A continuation of Mis 126 Programming I with an emphasis on object-oriented programming and data structures. Prerequisite: MIS 126. 3 credits.

This is a study of the theory and utilization of computer networks. Topics include network hardware components, network standards from ISO-OSI and IEEE, networking protocols: channel access methods, Ethernet, and TCP/IP, Internet tools, peer to peer networking, network management, network routing and virtual circuits. Network software utilized in the course will include latest Microsoft server/client software and Linux. Prequisites: MIS 110, MIS 140. 3 credits.

This is a study of the concepts, procedures, design, implementation and maintenance of a data base management system. Topics include normalization, database design, entity-relationship modeling, performance measures, data security, concurrence, integrity and Structured Query Language. Microsoft Access and SQL server will be the software used to design and implement database concepts. Prequisites: MIS 110, MIS 125, MIS 126. 3 credits.


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