Mathematics and Computer Systems

3D Modeling and Animation Minor

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This course is an introduction to programming through 3D animation. Students will create their own elementary games and animations using the Alice language, and in the process they will learn the fundamentals of object-based programming. Topics include storyboarding, thinking in 3D, camera control, variables, functions, methods, logic, lists, events, interaction, and recursion. This course is open to all students. No prior programming expereince is required. Satisfies either the common or distribution in mathematics core requirement. 3 credits.

An introduction to 3D character modeling, rigging and animation. Topics include box and polygonal modeling, shape keys, armatures, inverse kinematics, parenting and weight painting, lip syncing key framing, walk cycles, acting for animation, and elementary video editing. Students will produce their own short animated movie. 3 credits.

A course in digital sculpting using ZBrush. Topics include organic and hard surface sculpting, ZSpheres and ZSketching, remesh and projection, polypainting, rendering, morph targets, and layers. 3 credits.

A continuation of the topics covered in MIS 130 along with additional topics. These may include non-organic modeling, lighting, UV mapping, texturing, and compositing. Students will again produce their own short animated movie. Prequisite: MIS 130. 3 credits.

A first course in game programming with Unity. Topics include 3D concepts, scripting basics, environments, characters, interaction, collisions, triggers, rigid bodies, particle systems and animation. Prequisites: MIS 120, or MIS 126. 3 credits.


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