Public History Concentration

history majors
The Public History Concentration prepares students for increasingly attractive careers in such areas as museums, historic site management, historic preservation, oral history, documentary film making, business history, "applied" history in public policy making, archival resource management, and heritage tourism. Through internships, a Senior Public History Project, and in-class projects, our students take advantage of opportunities to see and experience for themselves what professional public historians do. They have, produced museum exhibits, identified and cataloged Civil War artifacts, given tours, produced driving and walking tours of historic sites, and helped to produce exhibition catalogs—to name just a few of the professional experiences our students have had.


Course Requirements

42 credit hours
  • Introduction to Public History/Museum Studies (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Historic Preservation (3 credits)
  • Museum Studies II (3 credits)
  • American Material Culture/Built Landscape (3 credits)
  • Historical Methods and Historiography (3 credits)
  • Public History Internship (3 credits)
  • Senior Project in Public History (3 credits)

Take one additional course in the among the following:
  • HIS 310 Special Topics in Public History (3 credits)
  • ANTH 205 Historical Archaeology (3 credits)
  • ANTH 227 Ethnographic Field Methods (3 credits)
  • ART 128 Computer Design for Non-Designers OR ART 220 Introduction to Graphic Design (3 credits)

Students then take a minimum of 6 additional history courses (18 credits): at least 2 American, 2 European, and 2 World History.


Cummings Gallery
Art Faculty Show

Dates: Aug 21-Sep 28, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

Dates: Sep 5

Location: Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center

Anais Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Dates: Sep 30

Location: Erie Art Museum