Mission & Learning Outcomes

Mission: As members of the Mercyhurst English Department, we are dedicated to the intellectual growth of our students. The courses we offer teach students to think critically and imaginatively about language, culture, and literature and prepare them for graduate work as well as numerous professional careers. As a faculty, we are diverse in our backgrounds, experiences, and intellectual pursuits, but we are united by our desire to produce discerning and creative readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers. With that in mind, we expose our majors and minors at Mercyhurst to a variety of challenging texts from American, British and world literature, as well as classes in creative and professional writing and literary theory. We encourage our students to develop a personalized course of study while exploring the depth and breadth of reading available in our core curriculum, the foundation of a liberal arts education and of the English major. Above all, we are dedicated to helping our students develop the skills they need to excel in their careers and to develop an appreciation of literature and culture, and we are enormously proud of our graduates and their successes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Present a specific thesis as the basis for an academic argument
  • Demonstrate key elements of successful writing (i.e.: control of voice, focus, and organization) when presenting writing to an academic audience
  • In essay form, produce close readings of assigned literature to demonstrate understanding of the formal and aesthetic features of texts
  • Locate, use, and document (in current MLA format) appropriate academic sources through print and electronic research
  • Write about texts critically to demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between literary texts and their cultural and historical contexts
  • Select and apply appropriate oral communication forms in small or large group settings to convey information, positions, and ideas
  • Discriminate between more and less credible and accurate readings of texts to determine whether certain positions are warranted


Cummings Gallery
Art Faculty Show

Dates: Aug 21-Sep 28, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

Dates: Sep 5

Location: Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center

Anais Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Dates: Sep 30

Location: Erie Art Museum


2013 Lumen unveiling

2013 Lumen unveiling

Student actors honored for work in Eurydice