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Writer's Talk

Features videos of interviews with contemporary writers.

Poems that Go

Offers poems and essays accompanied by animations, videos and other visuals.

Introductory Guide to Critical Theory

Covering everything you've ever wanted to know about critical theory. By Dino Felluga from Purdue University.

The Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo

Provides a wide range of resources centered on innovative poetry, new media writing, and literary programming.

Poetry Daily

Features a new poem and journal entry daily.

Poetry Society of America

Compiles readings, seminars, and competitions intended to challenge and inspire.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab

Offers practical advice on all levels of writing issues, from drafting through editing your papers.

Postcolonial Literature and Theory web site

Surveys the major issues, terms, and writers at the heart of postcolonial studies.


2013 Lumen unveiling

2013 Lumen unveiling

Student actors honored for work in Eurydice