English majors at Mercyhurst can develop their knowledge and skills and make friends who share similar interests through involvement in college-sponsored clubs.


The English department sponsors Lumen, the college's creative arts magazine. Developed by students, its aim is to showcase faculty and student writing, photography and graphic design.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Guild

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Guild is a student-run social club open to any student interested in science fiction and fantasy literature, film, and culture. The club meets three times each term to watch films and organize events both for club members and for the campus community. This year the SFFG hopes to host a 30th anniversary screening of the original Star Wars for the college, as well as to attend the ErieCon, a science fiction and fantasy convention held every spring in Buffalo.

The Theater Guild

The Theater Guild is a student-run organization that promotes the dramatic arts on campus. The group stages productions of classic and student-written plays, and hosts dramatic readings. Anyone interested in participating should contact Jeffrey Roessner, Ph.D., department chair.


2013 Lumen unveiling

2013 Lumen unveiling

Student actors honored for work in Eurydice