Mathematics with Secondary Ed. Certification

Students seeking certification in secondary education in mathematics are advised to enroll in Mercyhurst's "4+1" program. In this plan, the student earns a Bachelor's degree in mathematics in four years and then immediately enters a one-year Master's program. The coursework during the first four years will be the same as that listed under mathematics major, with the addition of an education course during the student's senior year. It is worth noting that a student who completes these course requirements will receive a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics even if they decide not to continue into the fifth year of the 4+1 program.

Upon completion of the fifth year of study, the student will earn a Master's degree in secondary education and meet the Pennsylvania teacher certification requirements. To obtain certification the student must meet all of the requirements outlined in the Education Division section of the college catalog.

See the Course Catalog (PDF) for further details.