Education: World Languages

Students interested in teaching a language can earn K-12 teacher certification through the bachelor's degree in world language education in Spanish or French .

In order to be admitted to this program, students must have successfully completed the introduction and intermediate sequence, passed the CLEP, A.P., or International Baccalaureate examinations, or passed the departmental placement test. Students must also successfully pass through the sophomore review process before formal admittance to the major is granted. In order to receive a degree and certification in world language education, students must meet all of the requirements outlined in the education department section of the college catalog. Please refer to all standards, policies and admission/retention criteria as specified for all education majors seeking a degree from Mercyhurst College and certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. World language education majors must choose two language courses in their second language, based on their level of preparation.

Required Courses

  • Fren/Span 207 Intermediate Spanish/French II
  • Fren/Span 210 Conversation/Composition I
  • Fren/Span 310 Seminar: Composition/Translation
  • Fren/Span 208 Introduction to Literature
  • Fren/Span 209 Introduction to French/Spanish Civilization
  • Fren/Span 130 Literature OR Fren/Span 125/126 Culture in Translation
  • Fren/Span 308 Phonetics
  • Fren/Span 305 Seminar in Culture/Literature
  • WL 314 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
  • Anth 112 World Culture OR Anth 109 World Geography
Majors must choose at least two electives in their major language.
  • Fren/Span 300 Conversation/Composition II
  • Fren/Span 316 Abroad Experience
  • other courses as offered by the Department

The required sequence for the Secondary Education candidate

Level I - Freshman/Sophomore years
  • Hdfr 110 Human Growth and Development
Level II - Sophomore year
  • Educ 201 Foundations of Education
Level III - Junior year
  • Educ 300 Methods of Secondary Education
  • Educ 302 Educational Psychology
  • Content area methods courses
Level IV - Senior year
  • Educ 474 Secondary Internship*
  • Educ 475 Student Teaching Secondary or Elsc 474 Student Teaching Art/Music
*Educ 474 may be taken spring term of junior year.

Recommended Electives
  • Educ 211 Computers for Teachers
  • Educ 301 Professional Communications for Teachers
  • WL 312 Second Language Acquisition


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