The staff includes 12 Graduate Assistants who are certified teachers and enrolled in Mercyhurst University's Graduate Education program and 24 undergraduate students enrolled in Mercyhurst University's education program.

Deihl Elementary
Nicholle Post - Classroom Teacher
Kelley Reiner - Classroom Teacher
Trevor Rice - Classroom Teacher
Meagan Whitby - Classroom Teacher

Shana Brown - Support Staff
Grace Doman - Support Staff
Emily Helbig - Support Staff
Carly Marnik - Support Staff
Kathyrn Turek - Support Staff

Edison Elementary
Meaghan Farrell - Classroom Teacher
Megan Macko - Classroom Teacher
Brittany Peterson - Classroom Teacher
Samantha Platko - Classroom Teacher
Emily Taccone - Classroom Teacher

Megan Baniszewski - Support Staff
Kari Drabert - Support Staff
Samantha Platko - Support Staff
Emily Yaple - Support Staff

Lincoln Elementary
Conor Connell - Classroom Teacher
Claire Hogan - Classroom Teacher
Jennie Lindenberger - Classroom Teacher
Jocelyn Stein - Classroom Teacher

Tessa Ellsworth - Support Staff
Briana Julian - Support Staff
Heather Mills - Support Staff
Mary Newara - Support Staff
Chrissy Reynolds - Support Staff

McKinely Elementary
Don Benedict - Classroom Teacher
Christina Borelli - Classroom Teacher
Carol Dala - Classroom Teacher
April Paredes - Classroom Teacher
Jen Thiemann - Classroom Teacher

Carol Dala - Support Staff
Caitlin Kempton - Support Staff
Kristen Pepe - Support Staff
Chelsey Seelinger - Support Staff
Rachel Turoski - Support Staff

Bethany Woll - iPad Instructor


Civil War photo exhibit
Photographs of the American Civil War

Dates: Jun 12-Aug 3, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery