General college FAQs

What is Mercyhurst University?
Mercyhurst is a private, four year liberal arts University offering a bachelors degree in dance, with concentrations in performance, pedagogy or choreography.

How does Mercyhurst fit into Erie’s culture and community?

Mercyhurst is a very safe University in the city of Erie. Mercyhurst students are required to participate in
community service, which is an opportunity to become acquainted with the Erie area. Through the dance
department the Liturgical Dance Ensemble participates in numerous outreach performances and the Dance
Club provides students with opportunities to attend performances in Erie and other cities in the region.

When does the school year start?
The fall 2012 trimester begins in September 2012. See our Academic Calendar for more information.

Is Mercyhurst accredited?
Mercyhurst is a fully accredited four year Catholic University.

How can I get an application packet and catalog?

There is an application available online, where you can view up-to-date admission criteria and information. If you want a hard copy of our application packet and catalog, simply call (814) 824-2000 and request one.

How do I schedule a campus tour?
You can call to schedule a campus tour by calling: 1.800.825.1926 ×2202

What are your International Student admissions guidelines?
See our International Student webpage for more information.

Do you accept transfer credits from other Universitys or Universities?
Yes, while we except transfer credits in both dance and academics
provided they meet the requirements of the University and the dance department.
See our Credit Evaluation page for more detailed information.

Will my credit for AP exams transfer?
If you have received a 4 or 5 on an AP exam, your credits will transfer.

Are the SAT and ACT required?
SAT or ACT scores are required for admissions to the University.

Is financial aid available?
There are many financial aid opportunities including grants, scholarships, loans and work-study positions available for Mercyhurst students.

Are scholarships available? There are academic and dance merit scholarships available that can be combined with other types of financial aid.

Do you have on-campus or off-campus housing?
Freshman year all students are required to stay in the residence halls on campus.
Sophomore and junior years, students live in on-campus apartments.
Senior year, students are allowed to live off-campus, but still have available
on-campus apartments and town-houses. On-campus housing is guaranteed for all four years.

Visit our Residence Life page for more details.

Dance-Specific Questions

Do you have an honors program for Dance?
The University has an honors program by invitation and the department has a chapter of Nu Delta Alpha National Dance Honors Society that recognizes students for both dance and academic excellence.

What are admission requirements?
To be admitted as a dance major, you must apply to the dance department in addition to your application to the University. Both applications must be received by the Dance Dept. Chair, BEFORE an audition can be scheduled for acceptance into the program.

What is required during the audition for the dance program?
The audition is a full day experience that includes a ballet (en pointe for ladies) and modern class (optional), a full orientation to the campus, University, department and an interview with the dance chair. You are also welcome to observe rehearsals.

What are my performing opportunities?
During the year, there are three main performances, as well as six – eight mini outreach performances that also include the Liturgical Dance Ensemble and by audition or invitation to the Mercyhurst Ballet Theatre, and SoMar Dance Works.

Jump Start is a one week “get back in shape” program that begins prior to the beginning of Mercyhurst’s academic year. Although it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended for incoming freshmen and includes “early housing move in” along with social activities designed by the Dance Club for freshman to interface with upperclassmen and acclimate to the department and to the campus.

Do you have a graduate program for dance?
There is no graduate program for dance, although there are other graduate programs available. Returning professionals are associated with the dance department, but can go on to earn a degree in a graduate program that the University offers.

Are there opportunities for extra ballet classes?

The Mercyhurst Center for Dance Education, offers Open classes during the week and on Saturday, which are free to dance majors.

Do you have a non-degree program if I just want to take a class or two?
The Mercyhurst Center for Dance Education offers 'Open' classes. Non-dance majors can take any of these type classes on a class card system.