Pre-Law Minor


The American Bar Association (ABA) recommends several core skills and values that build a "solid foundation for a legal education." These core skills and values include:

Analytic/Problem Solving Skills
Critical Reading
Writing Skills
Oral Communication/Listening Abilities
General Research Skills
Task Organization/Management Skills
Public Service and Promotion of Justice

Based on these recommendations, students are required to take at least 18 credits that teach these core skills and values, or cover some topical areas dealt with in law school. Students are required to take the following:

BADM 310 Business Law I (3 credits)
CRJS 101 Justice in America (3 credits)
CRJS 310 Constitutional Law in Criminal Procedure (3 credits)
CRJS 322/POLI 322 Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)
CRJS 335/SOC 335 Sociology of Law (3 credits)
CRJS 361/PSYC 240 Psychology and the Law (3 credits)
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