Department of Criminal Justice


The criminal justice program at Mercyhurst opens the door for students to learn about the operation of the criminal justice system, from the necessary historical background to the legal and sociological perspectives.

Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty members have diverse backgrounds in criminology, juvenile justice, constitutional law, ethics and immigration policy. Several faculty members have published books and journal articles, consulted for criminal justice agencies and presented their research at local, regional, national and international conferences.

Here at Mercyhurst, not only are students known by name, professors also know our students' individual interests and strengths. Faculty provide personal advising and mentoring by assisting students with scheduling, internships and their career paths.

Criminal justice majors have completed internships to complement their classroom learning at places like police and sheriff's departments, juvenile and adult probation offices, prisons and jails, law offices, district attorney and public defender’s offices and county judges.

Want to get more involved outside the classroom? Check out the criminal justice club or Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. These extracurricular experiences give you the opportunity to build friendships with other criminal justice students as you gain even more experience in the field through target shooting practice, service activities, national conferences and more.

Hear from Olympic Gold Medalist and Criminal Justice alumni, Meghan Agosta, on her experience at Mercyhurst.