Information for Current Students

Senior Seminars for 2014:

Senior Seminar Schedule (March 25 - May 5) - Students are strongly encouraged to attend these seminars. They provide information about the research that students and faculty are carrying out, and are an excellent opportunity for majors to see what the thesis project looks like in practice.


Upcoming Conferences:

ACS National Conference, Fall 2014 (Aug 10-14, San Francisco CA)

ACS Regional Conference, Fall 2014 (Oct 1-4, Pittsburgh PA) 



ACS Journal Database - Our department has access to the full range of journals published by the American Chemical Society. (Access from on-campus only.)

Pubmed Database - Pubmed is an excellent tool for searching through the vast majority of biochemistry and biology journals. While Mercyhurst subscribes to many of the journals in the pubmed database, users can also select for articles that are freely available online from on- or off-campus.



Chemdraw (Only valid for current students)

Pymol (Freeware, go here for a brief introduction)




Civil War photo exhibit
Photographs of the American Civil War

Dates: Jun 12-Aug 1, 2014

Location: Cummings Gallery

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