Art Students at Mercyhurst University are encouraged to pursue individual goals. Students are challenged to develop their creative potential through the varied experiences and disciplines of the art field. Art department sponsored field trips, art. art education, and art therapy clubs, slide lectures, workshops, and exhibitions provide enrichment for students.

The curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of skills, capabilities, and knowledge in order to compete in their field. The liberal arts curriculum— in combination with major programs —help them think critically, develop values, and comprehend the richness of the world around them.

In order for all art students to understand the discipline of art, a foundation year has been developed to codify knowledge, introduce expectations, and hone skills. This foundation year consists of 3 courses: Drawing I, 2-Dimensioanl Design, and 3-Dimensional Design. This common beginning allows for more effective critiques, a broad-based, understanding of the field of art, and the creation of a framework for a student to begin to explore art in their chosen area.

Sophomore review allows student to reflect on their work created in the first two years at Mercyhurst. Students create a display of their portfolio of work, an artist statement of intent, and present their academic record in the courses they have taken to date. A student must have a 2.7 major GPA and successfully complete their sophomore review in order to remain as an Art major. During the review, student’s individual goals and issues are discussed with the faculty review panel. Students are provided feedback to reinforce their strengths and properly address concerns.

After successfully completing the foundation year coursework and entry-level classes, Students can choose from a variety of upper level courses. Exemplary courses include Figure Drawing, Wheel Thrown or Sculptural Ceramics, Oil Painting, Intermediate or Color Photography, and advanced Graphic Design, Art Therapy or Art Education offerings.