Getting Started

Please take time to review all the definitions below and note deadlines for the different requirements. If you have questions, please contact the faculty representative for the specific award or Dr. Danowitz if a representative is not specified. It is strongly recommended that students have a G.P.A of at least 3.875 to be competitive for most of these awards.

Definitions of terms

"Campus notice of intent to apply"

  • Date by which students must have contacted the campus representative notifying him or her of their intent to submit an application.
  • In order to fully assist students in the preparation of strong applications, and to conduct internal competitions, when necessary, students must notify the Mercyhurst College faculty representative by this date of their intent to apply.

"Campus application deadline"

  • Campus application deadlines are required for all awards that have a maximum allowed number of institutional nominations and/or require a letter of support from an administrator or the faculty representative at the college.
  • This deadline means that all materials must be completed for those scholarships with on-line applications (including letters of recommendation) and for those with paper submissions, all materials must be turned into the campus representative by this deadline.

"Brief eligibility description"

  • Please see the foundation websites or literature available from the campus representative for full eligibility requirements. The descriptions given here are abbreviated.