Theatre Minor

Students pursuing a minor in Theatre must complete 18 credits:

Four Required Courses:

  • AMGT120: Performance Production
  • THEA110: Acting I
  • ENG/THEA290: Topics in Theatre History
  • ENG/THEA301: Seminar in Theatre

Two Electives chosen from the following courses (at least one must be 200-level or above):

  • DANC100: Dance Appreciation
  • ENG316: Oral Interpretation
  • ENG330: The English Drama
  • ENG334: Shakespeare
  • ENG/THEA358: Modern American Drama
  • FASH 120: Contemporary Fashion Analysis
  • FASH 130: Introduction to Fashion Construction
  • FASH330: Textiles I: Fiber to Fabric
  • FASH 410 – History of Fashion and Dress
  • FRE1**: French Theatre in English Translation
  • ID100: Design Basics
  • ID220: History of Interior Design and Architecture I
  • ID221: History of Interior Design and Architecture II
  • ID380: Color and Light
  • MIS130: 3D Modeling and Animation I
  • THEA210: Acting II
  • THEA301: Directing



Because theatre is a hands-on enterprise, minors must also complete a practicum in conjunction with Mercyhurst theatre productions. Opportunities include, but are not limited to: dramaturgy, stage management, acting, scenic design, costume design, lighting design, property design, construction, and running crew. Students should register for the practicum course once. All projects require instructor approval and are critically assessed by the supervising faculty member.