Program Advantages

Aside from the intrinsic rewards that learning provides, honors students receive a number of benefits:

1. Honors students have access to the full-range of honors courses, each of which provide Mercyhurst students with an enhanced learning experience in a supportive environment. Honors courses often utilize innovative pedagogy and approach the subject being studied from interesting perspectives. In recent years, members of the honors faculty have taught on subjects, such as: statistics through baseball, psychology through film, and sociology through a study abroad experience.

2. As one might expect, Mercyhurst honors students are award-winning students. While being a member of the Honors Program does not guarantee an award for all honors students, every year several honors students do receive the University’s most prestigious awards, as well as many Senior Awards. In addition, an honors student is often the recipient of Mercyhurst University’s highest award, the coveted Carpe Diem Award. Upon graduation, all honors graduates who complete the program will be recognized with the honor on his or her degree.

3. Honors students also enjoy a rich extracurricular life. Mercyhurst honors students belong to book and film discussion groups; visit nearby cities to attend lectures and special events; travel to distant cities to present research at national and regional conferences; and create events for the campus community. Honors students often serve as Mercyhurst Ambassadors and participate in Mercyhurst Student Government. In the process of participating in these extracurricular activities, honors students forge lasting relationships with peers and faculty.

4. Honors students graduate with University Honors, which is a distinction that is valuable when applying for jobs post-graduation. Among the primary goals of the Honors Program is to help students become strong applicants for graduate school. In recent years, Mercyhurst honors graduates have been accepted to Columbia University, Catholic University and the University of St. Andrews (UK). Furthermore, many have earned tuition waivers and/or fellowships.

5. Early registration for courses. Mercyhurst honors students who plan to take an honors course during a term for which they are registering are permitted to register on the first day of registration. This means that a sophomore honors student registers on the same day as a non-honors senior. 

6. Access to a special travel fund. Honors students may apply for access to a special travel fund for honors students who are traveling to conferences to present research.

7. As an honors student, there’s no need to worry about your housing — they have access to Honors housing, which includes the very best accommodations on campus.

8. There is a home base for honors students in the Audrey Hirt Academic Center. Honors students have access to the newer Honors Student Center and Lounge, which is located in the Gabreski Honors Suite. This suite offers access to computers, the Internet, printers and a television with a VCR and DVD player. This honors space is well furnished, tastefully decorated, and it provides a great place for Mercyhurst Honors students to relax, socialize or study.

9. The Mercyhurst University Honors Program holds several social events during the year. This allows honors students — especially freshmen — to easily make friends and exchange creative ideas.

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