Meet Javi

Full Name: Javiera “Javi” Cubillos
Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Communication in 2011
Undergraduate University: Mercyhurst University
OL Concentration: Nonprofit Management

“I loved the small-school atmosphere at Mercyhurst University, the beautiful campus, and how I formed great relationships with my teachers. When thinking about getting my master’s degree, I contacted some professors that I was still in touch with, and they suggested that I look into the OL program. If you're not sure about where it is you want to go in life, try something you think you might like. The worst thing that could happen is that you realize you don't like it, which is great, really, because then you can focus on other things that interest you.”
— Javi Cubillos, Class of ’2011

Javi-CJavi's Bio

Javi Cubillos is an international student from Santiago, Chile. She first came to Mercyhurst University in 2007 to earn her bachelor’s degree in communication. During her four years at Mercyhurst, she had the opportunity to get involved with many organizations, clubs and projects.

During Javi’s freshman year she was exposed to several areas related to her degree such as production, graphic design and journalism. Because she wanted to explore and further develop her writing skills, she became a staff writer for the Merciad, Mercyhurst’s weekly student-run newspaper. Some months later she become the features editor for the paper and was not only writing and editing stories, but also designing the layout for the print edition and posting the material online. This new opportunity sparked her interest in graphic design, so she began taking graphic and web design classes, loving every one of them. Javi participated in various design contests (winning a couple); but most importantly, she advanced her Photoshop skills, learned how to design and create webpages and mastered innumerable tools that she now considers her most valuable assets.

Javi graduated in 2011 with concentrations in new media and visual communications. After graduation, she returned home to Chile, traveled for some time, and then decided to come back to school. Although at first she was undecided as to what degree to pursue, Javi’s former professors and advisers guided her to the Organizational Leadership program. Two months later, Javi was enrolled in the program, had a Graduate Assistantship within the Communication Department and was ready to come back to the United States. As the GA, Javi makes sure communication students get the most out of their time at Mercyhurst, while taking advantage of all the exiting opportunities the university has to offer.

After her expected graduation in May 2014, Javi plans to move to California in hopes of finding a job in which she can combine her skills in communication and leadership. She is exited to see what the future holds.


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