Mission, Vision & Values

Vision for the Organizational Leadership Graduate Program

Envisioned Future

We will become the region’s preeminent center for leadership education, development and research.

Core Purpose

To inspire and equip people to become exemplary leaders and scholars who exercise leadership in service to others.

Operating Principles

We aim to:
  • Know and understand the leadership development needs of the people in our region
  • Create and provide learning resources that address those needs
  • Emphasize the “Scientific-Practitioner” model in which leadership practices are learned through applied practice
  • Create an enduring organization that is a great place to work and can effectively meet the ongoing leadership development and research needs in our region

Our Core Values

We believe leadership is a process that creates direction, alignment and commitment in groups of people in order to achieve shared objectives. We believe exemplary leadership in organizations is evident when shared organizational objectives are achieved; organizational participants at all levels are growing; and people in communities outside the organization are benefited as a result of the organization’s activities.

Exemplary leaders exhibit Mercy values by being:

  • Socially Merciful: Mercy restores human dignity, expands social relations and empowers us to reach out in compassion to others
  • Globally Responsible: Globalization challenges us to learn how to steward the resources of the earth wisely and to act in solidarity with its diverse people
  • Compassionately Hospitable: Mercy hospitality begins with self-acceptance, welcomes peoples of different faith, ethnic and cultural traditions, and thus builds communities that transcend mere tolerance
  • Intellectually Creative: Generous, inquiring and critical habits of mind, which support the aspirations for excellence manifested within the academic community, encourages us in our lifelong search for what is true, good and beautiful
  • Reflectively Aware: Our Christian environment encourages self-reflection and the contemplation of human behavior as it promotes balance of mind, body and spirit, and ultimately offers the opportunity to develop a moral compass
  • Ambassador of Service: Our mercy values inspire us to exercise leadership in service toward a just world