Mission & Learning Outcomes

Mission: Our mission is to develop Exercise Scientists as clinicians and practitioners to work as health care providers, educators, and agents of change within their communities. Highly qualified health professionals need expertise in both core knowledge and evidence based medical practices. We provide both foundational and advanced coursework in scientifically based content and the clinical skills of Exercise Science. Students will acquire and expand upon clinical skill sets, work on patient interaction and assessment, and implement exercise testing and protocols to progress patient outcomes. The curriculum focuses on preparation for American College of Sports Medicine's certification exams.

Vision: We aspire to gain prominence within the region as the leading clinically focused Exercise Science graduate program. The American College of Sports Medicine is a world leader in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science and is dedicated to helping people worldwide live longer, healthier lives. They drive innovation and progress across the dimensions of science, practice, education and policy. The ACSM has designated Domains, each including related content and core knowledge that practitioners must attain proficiency in to pass certification exams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a high level understanding of human anatomy and physiology
  • Evaluate and communicate scientific findings in a professional manner Attain proficiency with technical writing, to the current industry standard
  • Understand, assess, and design research methodology based on sound industry principals Understand and properly implement statistical techniques Conduct scientific experiments using proper lab and/or field techniques
  • Attain and interpret pertinent health history information from medical records and patient interview, including medication usage Collect and evaluate clinical and health measurements including resting vital signs and symptoms
  • Implement assessment protocols and pre-participation health screening procedures to maximize participant safety and minimize risk. Select, administer, and interpret tests to assess health related fitness components Calibrate, troubleshoot, operate, and maintain testing equipment.
  • Evaluate and document exercise goals and motivations of the patient to design an individualized Ex Rx. Determine and document the Ex Rx for exercise training based on the patient's history, available data, and goals and discuss with the patient. Implement the program and continually assess participant feedback, clinical signs and symptoms, and exercise tolerance, and provide feedback to the participant about their exercise, general program participation, and clinical progress. Regularly evaluate the appropriateness of and modify, as needed, the Ex Rx based on the patient's: progress, feedback compliance, signs/symptoms, and physiologic response to the exercise program
  • Optimize adoption of and adherence to exercise programs and other healthy behaviors by applying effective behavioral and motivational strategies. Provide educational resources to support clients in the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors. Educate the participant about performance and progression of aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercise programs. Provide disease management and risk factor reduction education based on the participant's medical history, needs, and goals. Assess knowledge of and compliance with health behaviors and apply behavior change techniques to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors. Teach relapse prevention techniques for maintenance of healthy behaviors Understand when and how to appropriately make referrals for matters of patient's mental health
  • Establish policies and procedures for the management of health/fitness facilities based on accepted safety and legal guidelines, standards, and regulations. Manage fiscal resources to provide efficient and effective services. Promote the program and enhance its reputation through excellent communication and customer service. Regularly conduct departmental needs assessment and develop/modify programs to accommodate changing environment. Evaluate the exercise environment to minimize risk and optimize safety by following routine inspection procedures based on established facility and industry standards and guidelines Comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws and industry accepted professional, ethical, and business standards in order to maintain confidentiality, optimize safety, and reduce liability.


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William Close and The Earth Harp Collective

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