Tuition Deferment

How does the Mercyhurst tuition deferment program work?

If you participate in an employer sponsored tuition payment program at work, Mercyhurst allows you to delay payment of your current term bill from before the start of classes until 30 days after the close of classes. This gives you time to turn in your course grades to your employer, receive your tuition reimbursement from your employe, and in turn pay your bill at Mercyhurst.

How do I sign up for tuition deferment?

You must complete the Company Reimbursement Form, which allows you to participate in the tuition deferment program for the trimesters that you designate on the form. Before you can register each trimester you will be required to make a $125 pre-payment toward that trimester's bill.

Where can I get the required forms?

Company Reimbursement Form is available online, or you can pick up a paper copy at the Catherine McAuley Center, located at 34th and Wallace Streets in Erie (next to St. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church). They are also available in 115 Old Main, the Student Financial Services Office, on the Erie campus.

When is the deadline for signing up for this program?

The $125 pre-payment is due before you register each trimester and the form must be on file prior to your bill due date to avoid a $100 late fee. If you plan to use this method for delayed payment of your bill, you must plan in advance to allow the appropriate processing time. Forms are accepted through the drop/add period; however, you will incur a late fee as the form wasn't received by the bill due date.

What if I decide not to take a course in a given trimester?

The Company Reimbursement Form is valid for the trimesters that you designate on the form (usually an entire academic year). If you do not attend one of the trimesters, you will not need to file a new form when you return. You must, however, make the $125 pre-payment before you can register for the next trimester.

Is there a charge for participating in this plan?

This plan is provided as a convenience to students at no charge.

Is the $125 pre-payment considered a fee?

No, the $125 is considered a "down payment" or installment on your tuition charge. This pre-payment is reflected on your term bill.

What if there is a delay in receiving reimbursement from my employer?

If your employer is unable to process your tuition reimbursement in this time frame, this may not be the program for you since it is ultimately your responsibility, not that of the employer, to pay all financial obligations in a timely manner to the university each term.

You are responsible for securing your grades (which can be accessed online through Mercyhurst Web Advisor) and for submitting them to your company in a timely manner, i.e. to meet your next payroll cycle. Mercyhurst must receive your payment by the deadline listed on the "Company Reimbursement" form, regardless of whether you have received your company's reimbursement by that date. You should contact the Student Financial Services office as soon as possible if you anticipate a delay in receiving your reimbursement.

What happens if, for whatever reason, I neglect to pay the university by the deadline?

You will be charged a $100 late fee. Unless you make other payment arrangements, your account may be forwarded to a collection agency. You will also be withdrawn from any current course(s), and will be prevented from registering for future courses until your account is paid in full.

Bill due dates are as follows:
Fall: Aug. 15, 2012
Winter: Nov. 21, 2012
Spring: Feb. 27, 2013

Please keep in mind that Mercyhurst fully supports the 'Green Initiative' on campus and is 100% online billing. You can link to your ebill directly from your portal.

How can I avoid any potential financial difficulties?

File your forms early and get your financing plan in place well before the bill due date or start of classes. If you prefer, you may be eligible to receive federal direct loans for funding your graduate education.

You can use these funds to assist paying foras a way to pay your bill. You can Once your company has is to take out a low interest federal student loan before the start of the academic year. You can complete the free federal loan ("FAFSA") application online at You can cancel any future terms of your loan if you find that you do not need it. In addition, interest that you pay may be tax deductible. The Student Financial Services office can explain this process to you in greater detail.

For more information

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (814) 824-2288.