Graduate Student Theses


Jeremy J. Beach, Thesis title: Distinguishing Ante-, Peri-, and Post-mortem Fractures in Anterior Human Dentition. Thesis presented October 27, 2006.

Mark O. Beary, Thesis title: Taphonomic Effects of UV Light on Bone Surface: an Experimental Approach. Thesis presented January 2006.

Sarah B. Bock, Thesis title: Root Etching: a Diagenetic Process. Thesis presented May 27, 2008.

Ciarán P. Brewster, Thesis title: Sexual Differences in Allometric Relationships in the Human Pelvis. Thesis presented December 2005. Mercyhurst College Taylor Award 2006.

Erin N. Chapman, Thesis Title: Differentiating Residual Toolmarks from Hand vs. Mechanically Powered Saws.

Heather M. Garvin, Thesis title: Ossification of Laryngeal Structures as Indicators of Age. Thesis presented April 13, 2007. Mercyhurst College Taylor Award 2007.

Alexandra R. Klales , Thesis title: Sexing of the Human Innominate Using Non-Metric Traits and Statistical Analyses. Thesis presented May 13, 2009. Mercyhurst College Taylor Award 2009.

Gregory O. Olson, Thesis Title: Recovery of Human Remains in a Fatal Fire Setting Using Archaeological Methods. Thesis presented December 15, 2008.

Rebecca R. Overbury, Thesis title: Asymmetry of the Os Pubis: a Utilization of the Suchey - Brooks Method. Thesis presented April 20, 2007.

Josephine M. Paolello, Thesis title: Elliptic Fourier Analysis of Lumbar Vertebrae Radiographs for Victim Identification. Thesis presented April 20, 2007.

Nicholas V. Passalacqua, Thesis title: Forensic Age-at-Death Estimation from the Human Sacrum. Thesis presented February 9, 2007.

Christopher W. Rainwater, Thesis title: Body Mass Estimation and Personal Identification. Thesis presented February 9, 2007.

Kimberly M. Rappazzo, Thesis title: Evaluating an Aging Technique: The İşcan Phase Method. Thesis Presented November 27, 2007.

Dominique Semeraro, Thesis title: Dimorphism of the Radial Head Diameter and its Potential for Sex Assessment. Thesis presented May 2, 2007.

Kyra E. Stull, Thesis title: Sexual Dimorphism of the Infant Skeleton. Thesis presented May 12, 2008. Mercyhurst College Taylor Award 2008.

Jennifer M. Vollner, Thesis title: Metric Assessment of Sex and Ancestry in the Human Innominate. Thesis presented May 13, 2009.

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