AOJ Certificate

The graduate Certificate in Administration of Justice (AOJ) provides both current and prospective practitioners with the administrative and management preparation to further their careers and to move into leadership positions within criminal justice and social service organizations. The Certificate program’s core courses provide students with foundational concepts in government management, an understanding of research methodology and data analysis, and a review of criminal justice planning and evaluation principles. With the elective course offerings, the student can choose a course that most closely relates to their interest.

Students who are pursuing the graduate certificate program are taught by the same professors and are in the same classes as students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Administration of Justice.
Students are eligible to attend full and/or part time. Classes meet one or two times per week and are held in the day, evening, and/or hybrid (classroom and online).

Why pursue a graduate certification in AOJ?

Criminal justice is a rapidly expanding field of academic study. Many government agencies are requiring advanced academic preparation for those in supervisory positions at criminal justice and social service agencies. The Certificate program is designed to equip practitioners with advanced administrative and research skills that are needed to effectively manage organizations.

The program is designed for:
  • those employed in the criminal justice field, who wish to expand job-related knowledge
  • those employed in the criminal justice field, who need an advanced credential for working in a supervisory capacity
  • those who have a master’s degree in a related field and are looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of administration and research in the criminal justice field

Graduate Certificate Curriculum

The Administration of Justice Program offers a graduate certificate option, which requires students to complete 12 credits from the AOJ curriculum.

Core Courses (9 credits-3 required core courses)
AOJ 501 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
AOJ 604 Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation
AOJ 605 Government Management

Elective Courses (3 credits-choose 1 course from the following)
AOJ 503 Issues in Correctional Administration
AOJ 511 Historical and Comparative Criminal Justice
AOJ 515 Organized and White Collar Crime
AOJ 519 Victimology
AOJ 520 Issues in Criminal Justice
AOJ 532 Public Law and Public Administration
AOJ 550 Politics of Crime
AOJ 595 Women and Crime
AOJ 610 Law and Society
AOJ 616 Issues in Juvenile Justice
AOJ 620 Forensic Science
AOJ 621 Advanced Criminology
AOJ 625 Theories in Corrections and Criminal Justice
AOJ 628 Seminar: Crime Analysis
AOJ 630 Policy, Politics, Community Coalitions in Administration of Justice
AOJ 631 Political Crime and Terrorism
AOJ 634 Seminar: Criminology and Crime Policy
AOJ 637 Seminar: Special Topics in Juvenile and Criminal Justice
AOJ 650 Supervised Justice Administration Readings
AOJ 675 Justice Administration Thesis

Eligibility for Graduate Certificate

To qualify for admission to the graduate certificate in administration of justice, you must possess a(n):
  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a major or minor in criminal justice or a related field
  • Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.

Admission Deadlines

Applications are accepted throughout the year for a fall (September) or spring (January) start. Those who expect to complete the certificate in one year should begin their program in the fall term.