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Application Process

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Application deadline: November 15, 2014

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  • An application fee of $35 is required for paper applications submitted; checks should be payable to Mercyhurst University.

Applications will be evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Department with the established prerequisites. Students who meet requirements for interview will be notified of invite to interview on a rolling basis. Applications for the class entering in June 2015 will be accepted beginning July 15, 2014 and will have a deadline of November 15, 2014.

Defined requirements for interview include the following:

  • Degree completion (or evidence of degree completion) prior to matriculation.
  • Meets GPA requirements.
  • Course requirements met (or evidence of course work in progress that will meet requirements).
  • Health care experience, evidence of 200 hours.
  • Must have GRE scores, TOFEL if needed, letters of recommendation and essay on file.
  • Interviews will then be scheduled in the late fall and will be processed by the admissions committee within the department.
  • In the event that the program does not gain accreditation, candidates will be given a full refund

Candidates will be chosen with process of evaluation from the interview, published prerequisites and space availability. Candidates will be notified in writing of acceptance and will be given two weeks to reply and pay a deposit.


Annual Health Screening and Immunization

All students MUST provide proof of health insurance prior to matriculation. Each Student’s personal health insurance policy must remain active throughout their participation in the program.

Students are financially responsible for the cost of all health care services they may require while enrolled in the program, including any health care services required as a result of their participation in scheduled program activities (e.g. TB testing, immunizations, treatment of injuries, pathogen exposure evaluation and treatment).

Prior to matriculation into the didactic and clinical phase of the program students must have a health screening to prove they are in good health, free from communicable disease and hold current immunization status.  This is to be completed by their primary care provider and include a health history, physical examination, immunization verification and laboratory verification of serologic testing for immunity (antibody test results) as indicated on the DPAS Student Health Record.  See appendix H in the Student Handbook for a copy of this form. The Cohen Student Health Center does not provide immunizations or health screening for this requirement. The Student Health Record can be found at: Cohen Health Record

DPAS students are required to have current immunization status throughout enrollment in the program as recommended for healthcare personnel by the Centers for Disease Control.  Please refer to the following link for the most current CDC guidelines: and  

All students must have baseline tuberculosis screening in the form of a tuberculosis skin test (TST) or Quantiferon testing (if applicable) performed in accordance with CDC guidelines within one year of matriculation and again before beginning the clinical phase. Additionally, certain clinical sites may have more stringent requirements. If the any TB testing is positive, evaluation and treatment if indicated must be completed in accordance with current CDC guidelines.

The Cohen Health Center staff will review the health record information to ensure that the student meets the defined requirements.  Students who are not in compliance with having a completed health record will not be allowed to participate in clinical experiences and may delay their education and progression in the program of study.

The student health record is a confidential document that is not accessible to the department program faculty, department chair, medical director, or program staff.  Per accreditation standards the only information that will be accessible to the department student file is the student’s immunization record and tuberculosis screening.  Students must give written permission for their health information to be shared with clinical sites.  This statement is located directly on the student health record.

Students must be current with all required immunizations. Either record of immunization or serologic proof of immunity must be provided for all listed conditions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for health care personnel, to include but may not be limited to:

1.  Hepatitis B: Proof of the three-dose immunization against Hepatitis B. This series must be started within 30 days of matriculation. Following completion of the Hepatitis B series, a positive (immune) titer must be completed prior to patient contact. Non-converters may require additional immunizations per the CDC recommendations.

2.  Mumps: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule.

3.  Rubeola (measles): Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule.

4.  Rubella: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 1-dose MMR immunization.

5.  Varicella: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule. Note: History of previous infection is not sufficient evidence of immunity.

6.  Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis: Documentation of a completed primary series with Tdap or DTP and booster within the last ten years.

7.  Influenza: Will be required to obtain influenza immunization annually while enrolled in the program.

Program faculty, department chair, medical director, or program staff will not participate as health care providers for students enrolled in the program and will not have access to any student health information other than that defined in this policy.