Mercyhurst University

Intelligence Publications

The Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences at Mercyhurst began its own publication arm in 2005 as the Institute began to develop its own intelligence publications.

The Mercyhurst Institute for Intelligence Studies Press since then has developed several publications now available for purchase and is in the process of developing several more. Faculty and students from the Institute have collaborated to develop these specialized publications which will be useful to intelligence students, educators, and professionals.


Wikis and Intelligence Analysis | May 17, 2012

Written By: Kevin Flanagan, JoEllen Marsh, Kathleen Moore, Emily Walker, Kristan Wheaton, and Stephanie Williams, and JoEllen Marsh, Editors





The Analyst's Cookbook | Jan 30, 2006

Written By: Kristan Wheaton, a 164-page compilation of 16 analytic methods applicable to a variety of intelligence analysis taskings.




Structured Analysis of Competing Hypotheses | Jun 09, 2006 (Currently out of print)

Description: Analytic Methodologies Project 2006, an 80-page booklet explaining an analytic method developed at the MCIIS from the original Analysis of Competing Hypotheses originally developed by Richards Heuer.



The Analyst's Style Manual | Jan 01, 2008

The Analyst's Style Manual

Description: MCIIS, a 60-page manual to guide intelligence analysts in dealing with basic grammar, spelling and abbreviation rules, as well as basic writing principles.


 Walking Through the Halls of Intelligence: A Second Look at Recent Graduate Research | Feb 01, 2009

Description: Mercyhurst University Intelligence Communications Class 2007-2008, a look at a dozen research theses authored by Mercyhurst College   Intelligence Studies master’s degree candidates since 2006.