Mercyhurst University

Criminal Justice Administration Master's Program

Degree Requirements

To earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, a student must:
  • Complete 30 graduate hours of study including six core courses and four electives. A master's thesis may substitute for two elective courses.
  • Earn an overall QPA of 3.0 for all graduate courses (including those in which the student did not achieve a passing grade or receive credit).
  • File an Application for Degree form in the Registrar's Office by February 1 of the year of degree completion.

Course requirements

Six core courses:

  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Organizational and Human Behavior
  • Professional Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation
  • Government Management or Advanced Research/Analysis
  • Advanced Criminology or Historical and Comparative Criminal Justice

Choose four elective courses

  • Issues in Correctional Administration
  • Historical and Comparative Criminal Justice
  • Organized and White Collar Crime
  • Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Issues in Juvenile Justice
  • Public Law and Public Administration
  • Politics of Crime
  • Women and Crime
  • Law and Society
  • Forensic Science
  • Advanced Criminology
  • Theories in Corrections and Criminal Justice
  • Policy, Politics, Community Coalitions in Administration of Justice
  • Seminar: Political Crime and Terrorism
  • Supervised Justice Administration Readings
  • Seminar: Computers, Crime and Criminology
  • Seminar: Crime Analysts
  • Seminar: Criminology and Crime Policy
  • Seminar: Drugs, Crime and Culture
  • Seminar: Public Policy Analysis
  • Seminar: Special Topics in Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Note: Students who elect a six-credit thesis take only two criminal justice electives. The thesis substitutes for the third and fourth elective courses.

The Criminal Justice Administration Program offers a graduate certificate option, click here for more details.