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Geology Labs


Stratigraphy Laboratory

This room serves as our space for preparing rocks, minerals, fossils, and other geologic materials for teaching and research. The room features diamond saws, rock polishers, and a thin section machine for the study of rocks, as well as a Roto-Tap sieve shaker for measurement of coarse-grained sediment samples.


Petrology and Mineralogy Laboratory

This state of the art geology smart classroom seats twenty-four students and includes an extensive rock and mineral collection for classroom use, petrographic microscopes for the study of thin section slides, and a library of geology-related textbooks. The rear of the classroom also contains a Coulter Counter laser diffraction unit for the measurement of sediment grain size.







Paleontological and Surficial Processes Laboratory

This classroom serves as our lab space for research and teaching in the geologic sub-disciplines of paleontology and surficial processes. The space is equipped with two fume hoods for sample preparation, a muffle furnace for analysis of organic and inorganic carbon content, and a WinDendro tree ring counter for dedrochronological research. The room also hosts our collection of topographic and physiographic maps, a Darcy tube for groundwater flow demonstrations, and the Geology Department’s extensive collection of fossils and fossil casts.