World Languages & Cultures

Advanced Certificate in World Languages & Cultures

The 24-credit advanced certificate in World Languages and Cultures (Asian Studies, Arabic Studies, Russian Studies, French Studies and Spanish Studies) is designed for college graduates who wish to update their skills in a particular language or acquire skills in a new language while enhancing their career opportunities. This certificate offers classes in both language and culture, maximizing the students’ communication competencies for an increasingly globalized economy.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with an overall GPA of 2.5. Once admitted to the program, students must maintain a 2.75 GPA with a minimum C grade in each course. For admittance into the certificate program, submit an application, along with a non-refundable $30 fee, and arrange to have official transcripts from post-secondary institutions sent directly to Mercyhurst University. Or you can choose to apply online for free.

The above information should be mailed to:

Office of Adult and Graduate Programs
501 East 38th Street, Erie, PA 16546.

Certificate Requirements

To enroll in this advanced certificate program, applicants must qualify as a fifth year student, adult student or graduate student seeking to expand their skills.

Course Requirements*
Arabic (Islamic) Studies- Choose eight of the following
ARAB 101 Introduction to Arabic I
ARAB 102 Introduction to Arabic II (prerequisite- ARAB 101)
ARAB 202 Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 207 Intermediate Arabic II
ARAB 999 Elective as independent study, when available
TURK 101 Introduction to Turkish Language and Culture I
TURK 102 Turkish Language and Culture II (prerequisite- TURK 101)
RLST 370 Islam
RLST 340 World Religions
Asian Studies- Min. 3 classes in one language
ANTH 214 Far Eastern Prehistory
ASIA 125 Asian Cultures
CHNS 101-102-202-207 Introduction to Mandarin Chinese I, II, Intermediate Chinese I, II
ENGL 107 World Classics
JPNS 101-102-202-203-207 Introduction to Japanese I, II, Intermediate Japanese I, II
JPNS/CHNS 110 Far Eastern Ideographs
JPNS 125 Japanese Culture
JPNS 130 Japanese Literature
POLI 241 Comparative Politics: Asia
POLI 303 Geopolitics
RLST 330 Hinduism
RLST 340 World Religions
Spanish- 24 Credits
SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish I
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish II
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 207 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 208 Introduction to Literature
SPAN 208 Introduction to Literature
SPAN 210 Conversation/Composition I
SPAN 305 Seminar in Culture Literature
In English:
SPAN 125 Latin American Culture
SPAN 130 Latin American Literature
French- 24 Credits
FREN 101 Introduction to French I
FREN 102 Introduction to French II
FREN 202 Intermediate French I
FREN 207 Intermediate French II
FREN 208 Introduction to Literature
FREN 210 Conversation/Composition I
FREN 300 Conversation/Composition II
FREN 305 Seminar in Culture Literature
FREN 310 Seminar: Translation
In English:
FREN 125 French Culture
FREN 126 Francophone Cultures
FREN 130 French Literature
Russian- 24 Credits
RUSS 101 Introduction to Russian I
RUSS 102 Introduction to Russian II
RUSS 202 Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 207 Intermediate Russian II
RUSS 208 Contemporary Readings in Russian
RUSS 210 Conversation/Composition I
In English:
RUSS 125 Russian Culture
RUSS 130 Golden Age of Russian Literature
RUSS 131 Later 19th Century Russian Literature

Cost and Career Information

In compliance with the “gainful employment” regulations under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, Mercyhurst is disclosing certain cost and career information to prospective students. You can view this information by clicking here.


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