French Major

The World Languages and Cultures Department at Mercyhurst University offers a French major that leads to a bachelor of arts degree. In addition to a focus on the mastery of the language, students will study coursework in French literature, culture and history.

Students interested in pursuing a French major are strongly encouraged to travel abroad. Mercyhurst has developed working relationships with several study abroad programs, which offer students the opportunity to earn credits abroad in a variety of formats.

Students with previous experience in French (including native speakers) must consult with the department faculty to be placed into an appropriate course level. 


Program Entrance

Entrance into the major is determined by the successful completion of the Introduction and Intermediate sequence or by the demonstration of equivalent skills on the CLEP, A.P., International Baccalaureate examinations.


Sophomore Review

After winter term of the sophomore year, the department reviews the student's academic record, their language portfolio, and recommendations from professors to determine academic progress. At this time, students are formally invited into the major and are informed in writing of the department's decision.