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Pre-Medical Concentration

Students enrolled in the pre-medical concentration offered through Mercyhurst University's Sports Medicine program will focus and learn evaluation, hands-on skills to prevent, manage and recognize sports-related injuries. This Mercyhurst Sports Medicine concentration will prepare students for medical school or chiropractic school, as well as help them to work toward a special emphasis in the field, especially orthopedic medicine.

Sports Medicine students enrolled in the pre-medical concentration will meet regularly with the university's pre-health advisory committee and the Sports Medicine department to arrange for MCAT preparation, shadowing and the pre-med advisory board interview. Mercyhurst students in this Sports Medicine program are required to complete at least 100 hours of work, service or observation in an appropriate health or medical setting. Opportunities are available for student observation with orthopedic surgeons and Sports Medicine fellowship trained physicians through Orthopedic and Sports Medicine of Erie, P.C. and Lecom Medical Fitness and Wellness Center. The pre-medical student is required to observe one orthopedic surgical procedure.

Freshman Year:

Fall Term: (16 credits)

  • IDST 
  • General Chemistry I/Lab
  • Art Encounter
  • Research and Writing
  • Intro to Sports Medicine

Winter Term (J Term): (4 credits)

  • Human Biology/Lab

Spring Term: (14 credits)

  • Personal Health Science
  • Cell Biology /Lab (core choice)
  • General Chemistry II/Lb
  • Literature classics
  • Clinical Hours - 25


Sophomore Year:

Fall Term: (17 credits)

  • College Algebra
  • Organic Chemistry I/Lab
  • Human Anatomy/Lab (core choice)
  • Religious Traditions
  • Statistics for the Sciences

    Spring Term: (18 credits)

    • College Trigonometry
    • Assess Inj Mgmt. I
    • Cellular Biochemistry/Lab 
    • Human Physiology/Lab
    • Organic Chemistry II/Lb
    • CLIN. HRS. 25


    Junior Year

    Fall Term: (17 credits)

    • Assess Inj Mgmt. II
    • Microbiology/Lab
    • Intro to Psychology
    • Principles of Physics I/Lab
    • Research Methods I (2 credits)
    • Research Methods Lab (1 credit)

      Spring Term: (16 credits)

      • Human Growth/Dev
      • Principles of Physics II/Lab
      • Sports Health Fitness Mgmt.
      • Genetics/Lab
      • Medical Terminology (2 credits)
      • CLIN. HRS. 25


      Senior Year:

      Fall Term: (18 credits)

      • Global Awareness
      • Research Methods II (2 credits)
      • Exercise Physiology/Lab
      • European/World History
      • U.S. History
      • Language/Literature

      Winter Term: (3 credits)

      • Assess Inj Mgmt. III

      Spring Term: (16 credits)

      • Nutrition for Health Professionals
      • Global Awareness
      • Philosophy
      • Kinesiology/Lab
      • Ethics for the Professions (capstone)
      • CLIN. HRS. 25